RO Units

RO Element products include brackish, low energy, ultra-low energy, low fouling, and seawater elements.


The GE PROPAK 100, 200 and 300 gpm systems use ZeeWeed* 1500 pressurized UF modules and PRO Series RO to provide high quality product water. A unique system feature of the PROPAK is that it uses one tank for CIP, break, and backpulse functions vs. three tanks in a traditional UF/RO configuration Reliability Reliable RO …

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Suez E8 Plus Series 50/60 Hz

Reverse Osmosis Machine 216,000 to 288,000 gallons per day (34-45 m3/hr) Suez E-series RO machines are designed for durable operation, high quality product water production, easy installation and straightforward control. Typical Applications Process ingredient water Safe drinking water Boiler feed water Ion exchange pre-treatment Standard Economy Features Energy saving 400 ft2 (37.2 m2 ) membrane …

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Suez RO Units

To design and manufacture a standard line of large RO systems. The components will be building blocks for a system that can be configured. The equipment will be general industrial in design & conservatively engineered. In other words the PRO Series are ideal for sites requiring complete system control with remote on/off capability. Features Integrated …

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