The GE PROPAK 100, 200 and 300 gpm systems use ZeeWeed* 1500 pressurized UF modules and PRO Series RO to provide high quality product water. A unique system feature of the PROPAK is that it uses one tank for CIP, break, and backpulse functions vs. three tanks in a traditional UF/RO configuration


Reliable RO operation and increased system uptime even with highly variable raw water quality. Single-source supplier providing enhanced system reliability, faster delivery, expert service and technical support. Higher quality RO feedwater.

Smaller Footprint

  • Integrated UF RO system for 35% smaller footprint compared to separate UF and RO skids, reducing Capital expenditures.
  • Combined CIP/ Back-pulse / Break Tank to reduce capital expenditure, system complexity, and footprint.

Installation Simplicity

Pre-configured pretreatment, pumps, tank, piping, and electrical systems greatly reduce technical skill and time required for installing further reducing costs.

Flexible and configurable CIP / Back-pulse / Break Tank skid arrangements to reduce installation costs