Suez Electrodeionization Units (EDI) — Pure Water Equipment

The MK-3 stack is designed for any market that requires high purity water, including the Power and Microelectronics industries, while the MK-3Pharm stack is designed for the Pharmaceutical industry. Each individual MK-3 stack produces a nominal 15gpm (3.4m3/hr), and has a flow rate range of between 7 to 20gpm (1.6 to 4.5m3/hr). Standard pre-designed industrial systems from 7 to 440gpm (1.6 to 100m3/hr) are available. While custom engineered systems can be provided upon request. Product water quality is consistently the same, or often better than, mixed bed product water quality. To help ensure the best system performance, new editions of performance/trending and projection software are available.

Ease of Operation

MK-3 systems reduce overall system complexity. There are no concentrate recirculation pump to maintain and no brine injection required, thus removing the need to handle salt and maintain a brine injection pump. Standard system design allows the stacks to operate with higher feed water hardness for longer periods of time, thus reducing cleaning frequencies.