SUEZ ZCore Depth Filters

ZCore is manufactured using patented Z.Plex* filter technology and is engineered specifically for high strength filtration. The patented filter matrix of the ZCore provides unmatched performance in these applications.

The ZCore filter composition incorporates small diameter fibers and an innovative 3-dimensional fiber matrix. The filter matrix maintains structural integrity while greatly increasing the filter’s particle holding capacity and reducing pressure drop. An additional polypropylene support core enhances strength and temperature resistance. This unique construction allows for excellent removal efficiency, high contaminant capacity and long life.


  • Greater contaminant capacity compared to filters with equivalent removal efficiency (Note: 90% removal efficiency at rating using ASTM F-795 Retention based on GE efficiency test protocol)
  • High Temperature Capability
  • Melt-bonded exterior ensures no media migration and helps prevent premature surface blinding • Provides lower total cost of filtration operations • FDA compliant
  • Product meets criteria for USP Class VI
  • 121 degrees C (250 degrees F)
  • High strength polypropylene core
  • Resists contaminant unloading even at high differential pressures

Typical Applications

  • Elevated temperature uses such as hotwater sanitizing in food and beverage processes, process and chemical streams
  • High viscosity fluids that require filter strength under heavy loading and high pressure conditions
  • Applications that experience high pressure drop