SUEZ Membrane Element Housing

A membrane element housing is more than a piece of process pipe. SUEZ’s stainless steel housings are precision engineered to improve the overall design and performance of your system. To achieve accurate dimensions and precise tolerances, we use stainless steel tubing formed with proprietary rolls and dies. These uniform dimensions eliminate flow by-pass and ensure a tighter membrane element seal. Membrane elements stay in place, without buckling, twisting or leaking. Whether your application requires a low-pressure process or a sanitary alternative, our host of options make it easy for you to find the perfect housing for your system or machine.

Choose From

  • 4 Housing Diameters
  • 3 End-cap variations
  • Multiple entry-port options
  • 3 housing finishes

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel creates several advantages. No seals involved in side port connections. It can withstand high temperatures, up to 190° F (90° C). It is capable of supporting process piping. During assembly, stainless housings are lighter and easier to handle than PVC and FRP housings with equivalent pressure ratings. Unlike fiberglass, it doesn’t warp, crack or weep. It is not affected by UV rays or sunlight and stainless steel is a preferred and universally accepted material for water systems